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Major Diameter 10mm - 200mm
Module 0.5 - 8
Diameter Pitch (DP) 8 - 40
  (D) Pressure Angle (PA) 14.5°, 20°, 25°, 30°, 37.5°, 45°
PA or as per customer’s specification
  (E) No. of Splines As specified
  (F) Job Length 5mm - 300mm
  (G) Maximum Broach Length 2000mm
HINDUSTAN ENTERPRISERS CO. (Regd.) Design & manufactures all type of Involute spline broaches as per World Class Standard i.e. ANSI B 92, JIS, DIN 5480, HES etc. Involute Splines can be produced to Gear Teeth Quality to ISO 8. For maintaining higher concentricity between major & minor Dia. Manufactures Inter Spaced broaches, which cuts major & minor Dia simultaneously. It also manufactures Involute Spline Broaches in missing spline & Knock off Spline forms. Involute Spline Broaches are commonly used in various Tractor parts, Lift Arms, Coupling Flanges, Bull gears, Gear Blanks, Hubs etc.